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When it comes to your kiddo’s oral health, we’re always on the hunt for cool resources and helpful tips to make dental care an exciting adventure. Let’s grab our toothbrushes and learn something new together!

Welcome to Treehouse Children’s Dentistry!
We’re the newest children's dental practice in your neck of the woods, and we can’t wait to introduce you and your little one to a magical dental experience today!
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Best Foods to Help Remove a Loose Tooth
Losing a tooth is always exciting for your child, as it means they are one step closer to being all grown up with their new set of permanent teeth. It is understandable that your child might get impatient when a loose tooth is too stubborn to come out.
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Toothpaste Flavors Can Impact On How Well You Brush
Brushing your teeth is a fundamental and the most important part of anyone's oral hygiene. Toothpaste helps to polish and clean plaque, food particles, and other harmful bacteria from your teeth and mouth.
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Does Breastfeeding Alter the Oral Health Development For Your Child?
There are many conflicting opinions about the possible advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding, both for the mother and the child. For new mothers, the decision about whether or not to breastfeed is a very personal one. As a new mom, you may not be overly concerned with your baby's oral health until their first tooth comes in.
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Types of Sedation for Children
Many parents worry about the idea of their children being sedated during dental treatment. However, there are many different types of sedation to choose from and knowing about your options can help relieve some of the anxiety you feel.
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Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities in Children
Tooth cavities are common in children because they love consuming too much sugary food. This is why parents need to teach their kids good flossing and brushing habits. But there are no worries if your child already has tooth cavities. You can bring them to our clinic to get dental sealants.
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Teaching Your Kids the Right Way to Brush!
Learning the importance of oral hygiene and developing good dental habits can ensure your child follows a healthy dental routine throughout their life. At Treehouse Children's Dentistry suggest supervising the brush time to make sure they are following the right steps.
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Does Your Child Need a Mouthguard for Their Sport?
More kids participate in sports activities, the incidence for sports-related injuries has kept pace and in some cases, even risen. Around 36% of children get injured unintentionally in sports play every year. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), about 15% of these sports injuries are connected to maxillofacial trauma.
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Sugar and Your Kid's Teeth
The effects of sugary foods on kids' teeth could lead to multiple complications in the long term. Establishing and nurturing healthy eating habits among kids is crucial for the sake of their health. Many parents don't realize the consequences that sugar brings on primary teeth or baby teeth or the reason why cavities develop in children. It is paramount that parents make better choices for food and drinks for their little ones.
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