Best Foods to Help Remove a Loose Tooth

Losing a tooth is always exciting for your child, as it means they are one step closer to being all grown up with their new set of permanent teeth. It is understandable that your child might get impatient when a loose tooth is too stubborn to come out. Baby teeth should usually fall out on their own or with a little bit of wiggling, so if a loose tooth stays put after wiggling it, it might not be ready to come out yet. However, sometimes loose teeth need help to come out, which is where giving your child the following foods to eat comes into play.


Biting into a crunchy apple is often all it takes for your child's stubborn loose tooth to come out. Not only does the act of chewing work to dislodge a loose tooth, but eating crunchy apples is also a natural way to scrub plaque and bacteria from the teeth. Plus, apples are a nutritious snack that kids should enjoy regardless of whether or not they have loose teeth that need to come out!

Carrots and Celery

Like apples, carrots and celery are other crunchy foods that encourage loose teeth to come out. As a bonus, these raw veggies are also packed with fiber that help clean your child's teeth, stimulate saliva production, and aid in digestion.

Pizza Crust

Pizza crusts are another great food for coaxing out stubborn loose teeth. The biting and pulling action required to eat pizza crust is especially helpful for a tooth that is hanging on by one edge or corner. If your child is a picky eater and never finishes their pizza crusts, breadsticks are another food that requires this bite-and-pull form of chewing. Or you could just tell your child that the Tooth Fairy will leave an extra dollar under their pillow if they eat their pizza crust! For more tips on removing loose teeth, call our office today.

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