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At Treehouse Children’s Dentistry, our dream is to nurture a lifetime of strong, adventure-ready smiles for every child in Killen, Tuscumbia, Madison, Florence, and beyond! Just as a treehouse brings kiddos together, we aim to cultivate a space where parents and little ones can deepen their bonds and approach oral health with a sense of awe and wonder. Growing alongside you and your child, we’re proud to be the go-to children's dental pros in your family’s neck of the woods. Let’s get your child scheduled and set their smile on the right path together!

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By far the best experience for the first and second visit ! The dentist and staff here are wonderful. They interact with the kids great, make us parents feel informed and prepared for the future visit. Gotta say I would recommend to any one!

Amanda S.

Took my daughter here yesterday and the staff was incredible. The office and back room were very clean (as one would expect in a dental office). I was very surprised to say the least. Dr Mitzi Wade was great at making my daughter feel comfortable as did the rest of her staff. It was a hassle free visit. And I was able to ho back with her. So thank you Treehouse for giving us a great experience and for being our new dentist!

Jaime J.

We have visited for my 8 year old’s cleaning and a filling. The staff is so caring and great with children! They use words your kids will understand and keep them at ease. They truly make the dentist a place your kid will want to go. Mine can not wait to go back. Your kids will be in great hands at The Treehouse. I will be recommending to everyone!

Adam B.

Highly recommend! Everything about the office and staff were first rate. Everyone especially Lizabeth, the dental assistant helping our child with her first ever visit to a dentist, were so welcoming, knowledgeable and put her at ease. She left with no fears and confidence in coming back for more appointments and care. Thank you!!! <3

Josey T.

They are awesome with kiddos! They are very patient when it comes to kids being scared. My oldest child had extremely bad anxiety and fear when it came to seeing the dentist but since we started going here the fear and anxiety has gone down tremendously and I believe it's because this team has been patient and sweet from the beginning!

Sabrina B.

This was my son's first dentist appointment. The hygienist was friendly and gentle, which put him right at ease. The aesthetics were bright and inviting. The doctor was kind and spoke in a quiet manner which made my son much less nervous about the visit. Overall this was a wonderful experience!

Kathryn I.

My daughter had her first appointment today; I have been a nervous wreck about how she may react her first visit and WOW! I was mind blown at how sweet our dental hygienist was. She was so patient and made my daughter feel comfortable and safe. Such sweet staff!

Brianna H.

Get To Know Our Kids Dentist

Meet Dr. Mitzi

For over 15 years, Dr. Mitzi Wade has devoted her practice to serving the children of North Alabama by empowering them with awesome oral hygiene habits! Her expertise in caring for special needs children and her peaceful demeanor create a calming presence for patients and parents alike.

Meet Dr. Orr

Dr. John Orr graduated from Tufts dental school in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2021 and practiced dentistry in Massachusetts for a year following graduation. Dr. Orr is excited to be a 5th generation dentist serving the people of Alabama, Dr. John M Orr was the 14th dentist in the state of Alabama (John’s great-great grandfather). He continues to stay on the cutting edge of digital dentistry and learning new innovations with his partners at Singing River Dentistry.

He is originally from Vestavia Hills, near Birmingham. He attended the University of Alabama for undergrad, following in his father’s and grandfather’s foot-steps, where he majored in Biology and Spanish. He is excited to use his Spanish to care for the Hispanic population of Northwest Alabama. He met his wife Maxie while pursuing a medical sciences masters at Mississippi College. Maxie is a doctor at Tennessee Valley Pediatrics.

Dr. Orr and his wife are very excited about serving the people of Northwest Alabama. They discovered the beauty of the Shoals when Dr. Maxie completed her 3rd and 4th years of medical school at Helen Keller Hospital in 2017-2019. They enjoy the outdoors and all things involving the water. He particularly enjoys sharpening his chef skills, golf, slalom skiing, and kayaking.

Meet Dr. Madasu

Say hey to Dr. Sunitha Madasu! She has been practicing dentistry in the Shoals area for over 20 years now and is thrilled to continue to strengthen her community with awesome oral care! Dr. Madasu’s wisdom and calm manner are sure to make you and your child feel right at home here at Treehouse Children’s Dentistry!

Meet Dr. Wright

Dr. Dalton Wright grew up in Tuscumbia, Alabama and currently resides in Ford City with his wife, Katie. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Alabama in 2019, then went on to receive his Doctorate in Dental Medicine from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2023. In his spare time, Dr. Wright enjoys spending time with his wife, playing golf, cooking, and joking around with friends. He is honored to be serving patients in his hometown.

Meet Dr. Ash

Dr. Ashwini Dangle, known by her patients as Dr. Ash, was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She moved to Houston,Texas shortly after graduating from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore, India. Her dream to learn and practice the most advanced dentistry brought her to the United States and she is excited to begin her professional journey as part of the Singing River Dentistry family. In her free time she loves to read books, go hiking, and experiment in the kitchen cooking for her friends and family. She also enjoys going on spontaneous road trips and attending music concerts.

The First Visit

Whether your baby has just sprouted their first tooth, or you're looking for a new dental home for your kiddos, we’re here to make first visits a breeze! We’ve put together a list of tips, tricks, and to-do’s before you step through our doors for the first time. Check them off together and get ready for the best appointment ever!

Your Child's First Visit

Caring For Smiles At Every Age

Expectant mother
Expectant Mother

Bringing a bundle of joy into this world sure is something to smile about! As you move through your pregnancy journey, we’re here to ensure your baby's oral health starts off strong. Join us for a free consultation to gain expert personalized advice on how you can set their smile up for success!

Ages 0-3
Ages 0-3

Gently care for your infant’s smile by wiping their gums with a damp soft cloth after each feeding. After the first tooth comes along, reach for a kid-friendly toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste to combat cavities early. Schedule their first dental visit as soon as those first pearly whites appear!

Ages 4-5
Ages 4-5

Take some time to make daily dental habits feel funl! At ages 4 and 5, your kiddo can start brushing twice a day to their favorite two-minute tune. By letting them pick out a toothbrush with a fun color or character, you can continue to encourage awesome oral health habits!

Ages 6-10
Ages 6-10

As your child begins to lose their baby teeth around the ages of 6 and 7, new adult teeth will begin to take their place. This is a major smile milestone, so it’s important to help your kiddo get the hang of properly brushing and flossing their brand-new big kid teeth!

Ages 11 & Up
Ages 11 & Up

By the time they turn 12-13, most of your child's permanent teeth will be in place, which may open the door to unique challenges. But there’s no need to worry — our team is here with preventive guidance and tailored treatments to keep their smile on track through adolescence and beyond.

Special Needs
Special Needs

No matter your child’s needs, we’re here to make every visit accommodating and comforting. Our complimentary desensitizing appointments can help your child adapt to our environment and get to know our friendly team of dental pros.

Oral Hygiene
Oral Hygiene

The key to awesome oral health is to have some fun with your daily dental routines! Your child will notice your enthusiasm and associate dental hygiene as something to look forward to. When you lead by example and have a little fun, your child will foster stellar habits!

Diet & Nutrition
Diet & Nutrition

We love sweet treats just as much as your child, but it’s our number one goal to keep cavities from creeping in! To prevent tooth decay, hide the sugary snacks and let your kiddo reach for fresh fruits, veggies, cheese, lean meats, and whole grains. Swap juice and soda out for water, too!

Sports Dentistry
Sports Dentistry

From tee-ball to taekwondo, we’ll shield your kiddo’s smile from any oral injuries! If your child plays any contact sports, our compassionate team can craft a custom mouthguard to protect their teeth and gums. It’s our mission to keep your little one’s smile at the top of their game!

Treatments for Growing Grins

Preventive Care

A happy, healthy smile is rooted in preventive care! With upbeat energy and tailored tips, we make every check-up an exciting adventure, so your child can feel empowered to care for their smile.

Restorative Care

If your little one is struggling with sugar bugs or other oral health problems, we offer minimally-invasive treatments to set their smile back on the path to thriving health.

Emergency Care

Accidents happen. We’re here to help! No matter the emergency, our compassionate team is on standby to get that adorable little grin back in tip-top shape.

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Let’s Get Your Child Scheduled

Let’s Get Your Child Scheduled