Welcome to Treehouse Children’s Dentistry!

Where Little Smiles Shine

Welcome to Treehouse Children’s Dentistry, where every smile is a grand adventure! Our team of dental specialists are on a mission to provide every kiddo with thriving oral health so they can let their smile shine for life. By fusing each appointment with tailored treatments, gentle guidance, and a whole lot of fun, we aim to make your child’s experience truly memorable. With locations in Tuscumbia, Killen, and Madison, we’re delighted to deliver amazing dental experiences right in your own backyard! 

At Treehouse Children’s Dentistry, we meet your child exactly where they are on their oral health journey. Our team gets to know your little one, understand their personality, and find the unique things that make them light up! It’s all in an effort to make your child feel right at home in our care —  and excited about taking charge of their dental health!

We’re Right In Your Backyard

Delivering magical dental experiences is our specialty, and we’re so excited to now be at three accessible locations across Alabama:

  • Tuscumbia 
  • Killen
  • Madison

Each of our amazing offices provides a suite of services to help set your child’s smile up for success. Through preventive care, we’ll equip your child with diligent oral hygiene habits, all while polishing their smile to help keep cavities at bay. If your little one is struggling with sugar bugs or other oral health issues, we offer minimally-invasive treatments to set their smile back on the path to thriving health. And if an accident has caused an emergency dental situation for your child, our team is on standby to give them swift, comfortable care.

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At the end of the day, our teams in Tuscumbia, Killen, and Madison are passionate about caring for kiddos and helping them achieve long-term oral success. We love to help families out, encourage awesome kids, and have a little bit of fun along the way! If you’re looking for a new dental home for your child, don’t hesitate to book an appointment today.

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