Teaching Your Kids the Right Way to Brush!

Caring for your children's oral health should start at an early age to maintain their oral hygiene and establish good habits. You should begin this by teaching your children the right way of brushing their teeth.Learning the importance of oral hygiene and developing good dental habits can ensure your child follows a healthy dental routine throughout their life. and at Treehouse Children's Dentistry suggest supervising the brush time to make sure they are following the right steps.

Easy steps to help your child brush their teeth

It isn't complicated to help your child learn the right way to brush. Here are the steps to follow:

• Start by applying a pea size amount of tooth paste on the brush.
• Next, show them the right way to hold the brush. It should be angled at 45 degrees.
• They can start moving their brush gently back and forth using short strokes and continue this technique on both upper and lower teeth and gums.
• Next, show them how to hold the brush vertically to clean the front teeth. Remind them to brush the back of the teeth.
• Lastly, don’t forget to show them how to brush their tongue to eliminate bacteria from the surface.

The best way to make brushing teeth a fun activity is to play their favorite song and ensure they brush for a full two minutes. You can even make it a family activity so that you and your children can maintain your healthy and beautiful smile.

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