Toothpaste Flavors Can Impact On How Well You Brush

Brushing your teeth is a fundamental and the most important part of anyone's oral hygiene. Toothpaste helps to polish and clean plaque, food particles, and other harmful bacteria from your teeth and mouth. Not brushing your teeth regularly can cause bad breath, plaque build-up, cavities, bleeding gums, and gum disease, making toothpaste selection important.

Why Toothpaste Matters

Many toothpastes contain fluoride, a natural mineral. Fluoride remineralize weak areas of tooth enamel and helps to strengthen teeth and keep away cavities and decay. This is why it's so important to brush your teeth at least twice daily, to reduce the chances of bad oral health. Some children and adults do not like brushing their teeth regularly. For some people, it can seem like a time-consuming task, or the flavor of the toothpaste is not pleasant and discouraging. When tasting a flavor you don't like, you don't properly clean your teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums. That's why dentists and companies have made different flavored toothpastes. If you don't like minty flavors or if they are too harsh on your palate, try flavored toothpaste. They are gently or mildly flavored and taste good so it makes brushing your teeth enjoyable and fun.

Does Flavor Impact Oral Hygiene?

There are many different types of toothpaste flavors. There are common flavors, such as strawberry, watermelon, mint, bubblegum, etc. Companies have even made toothpaste flavors such as chocolate, coffee, cupcake, licorice, pickle, Oreo and many, many other. With such a variety of delicious flavor options, brushing one's teeth can turn into a delectable activity. However, some nontraditional flavored toothpastes do not contain fluoride. As we mentioned earlier, fluoride strengthens teeth and helps prevent tooth decay. Check the ingredients to see what's in the tube, because without fluoride in your toothpaste you risk weakening your tooth enamel, which can lead to decay and cavities. If you do decide to use a toothpaste that's fluoride free, use a fluoride mouth rinse too.At our dental office, we can help you find the right toothpaste for you that makes brushing your teeth fun and effortless. If you still are finding it difficult to brush, we can also offer tips for brushing!

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