Does Your Child Need a Mouthguard for Their Sport?

To ensure against trauma or injury to the teeth, gums, and mouth, you should consider getting a mouth guard for your child. The following information provides you with the information needed to make an informed decision.

Learning more about mouthguards used for sports play

Because more kids participate in sports activities, the incidence for sports-related injuries has kept pace and in some cases, even risen. Around 36% of children get injured unintentionally in sports play every year. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), about 15% of these sports injuries are connected to maxillofacial trauma. In addition, the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety emphasizes that most of the dental injuries happen in the orofacial area, and often result in permanent damage to the mouth. Athletes are at a significantly increased risk of an orofacial injury if they do not wear a mouthguard. Therefore, your child should wear this protective appliance as part of his or her sports attire and gear.

What sports require a mouthguard?

The American Dental Association recommends that a mouthguard be worn for a large range of sports activities. In addition, the association advises that mouthguards be worn during both practices and competitions. Some of the sports that require the wearing of a mouthguard include acrobatics, boxing, basketball, football, gymnastics, ice hockey, martial arts, lacrosse, racquetball, roller hockey, rugby, shot putting, skiing, skydiving, skateboarding, squash, volleyball, surfing, wresting and weight lifting. Dentists also believe that children that participate in baseball and softball and play in the infield should wear mouthguards to protect them while catching balls.While you can get a ready-made mouthguard for your child, it is far better to choose one that is custom-made. The custom-made appliance will fit properly, or as it should, thereby offering more protection against an unforeseen injury. To play it safe dentally, give us a call today. We can fit a mouthguard in your child's mouth that will keep him or her safeguarded during sports play.

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